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If you are involved with organic visits from Google for your business or your customers, the new algorithm announced by Matt Cutts, the “head” of Google, is what suits you!



On Think Aloud Evaluations and on Pluralistic Walkthrough Evaluations we need representive users to evaluate the user interfaces. To evaluate we used the heuristic evaluation process so as to save time.



One common part of our job is to develop photographic material and images that will be used for commerciallity purposes and shared on the internet. A good source for the raw material that we will process can either be our own photographs or the world wide web.



You should be very careful with the internet safety and the motto is one. Do not trust anyone!



According to the latest news and the relevant researches, a dramatic change was found in the time people spend on mobile devices in the UK. This increase – one hour and 49 minutes of use per day, an increase of 600% in four years –. Is a driving force in the wider change of consumer’s behavior, with people in the UK spending more time in digital, rather than the simple television.



There are a lot of companies you visit every day, from a shop and a café, to a dentist or a gym. Have you ever faced the desire to comment on something that the company does well, or on something that a company fails into? If you think of the past years, you should clearly remember the complaint box, in which you could add a letter with your written complaints or suggestions.



Are you facing translation issues with your work, your studies or with that one contract written in some strange language? Do you hold any files about legal procedures, contracts and technical terms that you need to read and translate carefully but you lack the time or expertise?

Are you in the need of finding new markets by getting in contact and familiarizing with other countries but you are stuck cause you feel like you need to know a great bunch of languages? We can help.