Heuristic Evaluation is a way to evaluate user interfaces. But why should we perform such evaluations?

Top 10 Reasons:
  1. They can be used very effectively early in the website development process so as to find
    potential customer obstacles.
  2. The issues that may show in such evaluations could be critical about the website’s usability.
  3. They are easy to perform and they don’t need more than 1 evaluator.
  4. They do not require advanced planning.
  5. The heuristic rules are easy to find and easy to understand.
  6. They do not require any subjects(representive users).
  7. It is the cheapest way to evaluate User Interfaces.
  8. They need reasonable time to be performed.
  9. They leverage existing resources in your company.
  10. Having 2 or more evalutaion reports to combine we can consider our website really usable.

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