According to the latest news and the relevant researches, a dramatic change was found in the time people spend on mobile devices in the UK. This increase – one hour and 49 minutes of use per day, an increase of 600% in four years –. Is a driving force in the wider change of consumer’s behavior, with people in the UK spending more time in digital, rather than the simple television.

What it seems to be happening now is that the TV is rushing it’s effort so as to become more digital. Television wants to be a measurable force. Digital technology wants to be exciting and interesting, and both of them want to reach the same goal. Nobody can dispute the fact that mobile services increasingly occupy a big percentage of the total of our day. We can’t neither ignore such a fact, nor the behavioral change that occurs due to the technological mobility.

 «Connected Consciousness»

This is a term that can be used for someone who is using his mobile devices. Mobile is an extension of us, because it’s the most appropriate way to interact. We are constantly connected not only because it is fast, but also because there are some aspects of mobility that make it a different and richer way of interacting with the whole world.

It is different to see the numbers, and totally different when you are thinking of what an amazing impact do the mobile devices have in our lives.

Research Source : eMarketer