While conducting a User Interface evaluation there are many things the evaluators should check.

The most important:
  1. The user should recognize that he remains on the same website despite switching screens.
    (Consistency – Stable Layout)
  2. The user should be informed about the system status. Either it’s loading, either it is not
    responding the user should be informed somehow.
  3. The website with a first look must inform the visitor about its content. We need a description
    about the website, so as to remind the user where and why he is here.
  4. Provide Exits and an Undo function. A user should feel flexible and safe about his actions,
    while using the website.
  5. Provide help documentation and information about the founders of the website.
Some Other Major Rules:
  1. Site Load-time should be Reasonable.
  2. Site Has a Custom Not-found/404 Page, and we are sure it will “never” be shown.
  3. The Website Logo Is Prominently Placed(usually top-left) and when a user clicks it he redirects
    to home page.
  4. The website should help the user navigate. This should be done by showing him where he is
    (homepagepage1page2), by descriptional URLs (www.example.com/show=page1), and by
    providing an easily identifiable navigation bar.
  5. A website search box should be available and easy to use.

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