The 6th Global Webit Congress was the most influential international event in eCommerce and technology, and took place on October 1-2, 2014 in Halic Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey.
But what happened there? Let’s start!

For 2 days the Global Webit Congress hosted 10 000+ attendees from 110+ countries, 200+ speakers & 300 accredited media. One of them was and iprovidenow ltd.
For the 6th consecutive year, a huge number of first-world-class speakers create an amazing agenda of the 3 major parallel events of the Congress including:

Digital Marketing and Innovation Conference:
  • Digital Advertising Stream
  • Metrix & Data Stream
  • Digital Entertainment & Media Stream
  • Digital Commerce Stream
  • Mobile Stream
  • Brand Social Strategies Stream and Storytelling Stream
Leaders of the Future Tech Summit:
  • The Big Cloud Stream
  • Money & Payments Stream
  • Middle East in Focus and the Growing Digital Commerce and StartUps ecosystem
  • Internet Of Things Stream
  • Capital talks and Future Trends
  • The CEE Tech Landscape from VC point of view
  • Founders games Pitches (Winner was Shablol!)
  • Learning from Asia: focus on India
Workshops & Hackathons:
  • Webit IoT Hackathon
  • Fjord Workshop: How Do You Generate User-Centred Innovation?
  • Amazon Workshop: Next generation apps on Amazon Web Services

Among the speakers were CEOs and other C level experts from the most innovative companies in the world, global telecoms, top digital/mobile experts, high level governments representatives, advertisers, eCommerce professionals, top consultants and researchers, founders and tech entrepreneurs. Below you can read some inspiration quotes from Global Webit Congress 2014:

Marketing used to be an art, now it’s a science.” by @IgorBeuker

Social media is your embassy, a good website is your home country.” by @jimrosenberg

Commerce is about trust.” by @damien_perillat

Why is failure a success in the digital age?” by Mariano Bosaz from Mariano A. Bosaz

Fail is a batch of honor. Fail hard!” by @mbosaz

All humans are social by nature” by @larssilberbauer

Do fewer things better” by @jimrosenberg

It’s about hard work, be timely, be relevant, be brave and be personal” by @larssilberbauer

Change is the norm!” by @fiksu

Innovation is not the goal, the process is the aim.

What is efficient is not always effective, what is effective is not always efficient.

Stealth mode is for planes, not companies.” By RRW Commenter, circa 2009

See this list of the first of а total of speakers, who we heared and met at Webit Congress 2014 conferences and workshops.