iprovide Responsibly

What responsibility means to us

Ideas and People generated iprovidenow. People are our biggest investment. The community we live and work in, is a living ecosystem, and as a result, the exchange of energy and resources is inevitable and essential.

iprovidenow members, care especially for entrepreneurship. Their daily friction with it taught them that persistence, vigilance and inspiration are some of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur, but they are not enough. He needs a supportive socio-economic system that will provide the essential opportunities, resources, tools, networking and knowledge to realistically devise his endeavor.

Doing it our way.

Connecting the dots we realised that Social action and Social Corporate Responsibility was so much more than a PR tool we could use. We knew it was actually an opportunity to share acquired knowledge and experience and benefit from its multiplication to achieve a better substrate for our work, collaborations and social conversation.

iprovidenow gives back to the community with various programs that are strategically focused on creating opportunities and offering active support to emerging entrepreneurial ideas and hardworking dreamers. Our members personally care and are proudly involved in these projects.

Current iprovidenow Ltd CSR actions.

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs
We provide support and counseling to Youth Entrepreneurship Club a non profit, non governmental Organisation who aims to contribute in professional training and networking of vulnerable groups who struggle with everyday challenges and wish to achieve autonomy, as well as students and fellow entrepreneurs who make their first steps towards materialising their ideas. The scope of YEC network is nationwide, starting from Chania, Crete.

Athletic sponsorships
It is in our corporate philosophy that a vigorous body is vital for a healthy and active mind. We provide sponsorship to help athletes participate on athletic events and fulfill their ambition while promoting the message of living a healthy life as a fit thinker. They always make us proud.

Action focus and future plans.

Supporting incubator infrastructures and local businesses, promoting information management programs, organizing knowledge dispersion events that connect members of the main local business sectors, in synergy with the state and NGOs, are our priorities.

We are open to communication, cooperation and research for any other action or idea that helps entrepreneurial and social development. Our aim is to maintain a continuous dialogue with social partners in order to achieve targeted improvements in business activities and help highlight and meet real community needs.

We are all connected and appreciation of this connection is key.