Live Streaming Pro Services – Virtual Conferences, Events, Meetups

LiveStreaming Pro Services

is a one-stop-shop solution for every event organizer in the world,
helping turn any type of offline event (B2C, B2B, B2G) into a fulfilling virtual experience.
Your broadcast could directly streamed to 6+ channels (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, FB Groups, FB Profiles).

Web Conferences

With Livestreaming Pro services your webinars or webcasts are no longer a form of one-sided communication. You can actively engage with your audience.


Online Courses / classes

Re-define your online classes with the help of our platform. We can help turn what was a simple online course into a paid-for event production, with all the benefits.

Your Personal
TV Show

No matter if it is on TV or on Web we provide high quality tailor made solution for your broadcast.

Corporate Events

Connect with your staff, clients and stakeholders, on a personal level, like never before. TheVirtual.Show provides a unique model of inner-company communication.


Virtual meetings that bypass the usual communication barriers and make connections that last.

The Right Package for Your Business.

We offer several Livestreaming Pro Services. You could get your streaming to the next level. {Keynote Speech, Fireside Chat, Presentation Format (Speaker and Shared Presentation Screen), Discussion Panel with 4 people, Discussion Panel with 5 people, Round table with 6 participants}

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In a highly competitive business environment we understand that we have to overcome distrust. Our experience and successful works in the fields of branding, e-commerce and business consulting, prove that we are able to surpass any challenge. Moreover Livestreaming Pro Services, is an exceptionally designed package of services moving away from an automated logic, adapting to each customer’s particular needs with personal care. Our Livestreaming Pro Services are to achieve the best value for money, offering affordable prices, that every business will be able to incorporate in its marketing budget. We thus give you the opportunity get 1-hour consultation for free, to experience first hand, to experience the consistency and quality of our services.

Highlight your brand’s strong features, regain image control and develop a solid, consistent and trustful relationship of preference with your supporters, starting today! Starting now Livestreaming Pro Services!

What you get:

  • Brand identity formation
  • Brand awareness increase
  • Brand engagement increase
  • Brand loyalty
  • Coherent storytelling
  • Sales increase
  • Effective corporate communication & visibility
  • Market segmentation
  • Access to the vast social media market
  • Pull new customers
  • Time and money (outsourced service)

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