Last Saturday the 3rd OpenCoffee@Chania took place, organized by the local Chania Devs team. Since the track record of this event has been excellent (though small), me and Ioannis decided to attend it as well.

The event started with speeches from Mr. Giorgos Nikakis of  Thalassa Beach Resort and Mr. Giorgos Papadakis, co-founder of Phaistos Networks (,, etc). Unfortunately the acoustics of the Sailing Club of Chania weren’t that great and we couldn’t enjoy their presentations at the fullest degree. We have to say though that both were great and most importantly, insightful. It was apparent that the advice given to us was from people who work actively on their field and their remarks, came from this experience.

The best part for us though, was the second part of the event, where [yours truly] and Ioannis took the stage to present our Daedalus Balloon project.

We were looking for creative input about the possible uses of our aerial platform and we heard some great ideas. Ioannis wrοte them down and promised to give proper attribution to the person who offered each.

What struck us most, was that we got technical feedback of high value as well. We hadn’t thought about this aspect when taking the stage. People who attended OpenCoffee@Chania were highly skilled persons on both software and hardware development. They really are people who can implement anything, they are start-up material. Talking to them was great and we hope we will have the chance to meet them again -or we will have to stalk them, sorry Antonis, Nikos, Stelios, Pantelis and Vaggelis .