There are a lot of companies you visit every day, from a shop and a café, to a dentist or a gym. Have you ever faced the desire to comment on something that the company does well, or on something that a company fails into? If you think of the past years, you should clearly remember the complaint box, in which you could add a letter with your written complaints or suggestions.

Since the internet broke into our lives, now we have the opportunity to give our online reviews for a company, by adding stars or comments at famous social media sites, such as Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare. But why should someone add a review for a company? Here are some reasons:

  1. It’s a free, fast and simple way to congratulate a business for their good job

  2. It’s the greatest way to find the best companies near you (check Foursquare)

  3. A great amount of positive online reviews, makes the company reliable

  4. It’s the easiest way to promote or suggest a company to the world