You should be very careful with the internet safety and the motto is one. Do not trust anyone!

It is very easy for anyone to make damage , for various reasons. Due to this reason, our passwords on the internet should be properly landscaped and well -kept , and not everyone in the company needs to have access to them. If for example someone in the company does not manage the Facebook accounts, you do not need to know the PIN code of Facebook.

The more stringent the security policy of a company, more troubling and time-consuming for users . But there is policy risk with no security! Consider what might happen to you if you spoil your relationship with a partner who knows all your passwords online.

Privacy Policy
  • Access to all passwords are only for people who use them. For no one else .
  • In every site and service use different passwords and even quite complex, so as not to be easy for someone who would see it again .

For example:

Bad code: 123456 ( I did not see him, I remember the time I was told )
Good code: 123mnb321fdsa ( Need to refer back to my notes to remember him )

  • Use a software that stores encrypted passwords. You will therefore need to know from the outside only the master password of the program. We recommend which will solve your hands .
  • Give every partner only passwords you need to know. If he’s gone, you should change them urgently.
  • You may need to put gradations in documents and email. Eg we have What we share can view only those of the group. We can make 2-3 groups to have easy and dynamic gradient files etc.

Of course, each site has its own peculiarities , so you should every time adapt security policy to the respective restrictions.