On Think Aloud Evaluations and on Pluralistic Walkthrough Evaluations we need representive users to evaluate the user interfaces. To evaluate Ueat.gr we used the heuristic evaluation process so as to save time.

There are 3 ways of evaluating User Interfaces:

  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Think Aloud Evaluation
  • Pluralistic Walkthrough Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation

Using as guidelines the Nielsen rules of designing user Interfaces, an evaluator walks through various scenarios, trying to find errors based on these rules.

Heuristic Evaluation Rules

The most important rules of designing User Interfaces:

  1. Visibility of System Status : The user should know where he is, what is going on, why the system isn’t responding.
  2. Match Between System and Real World : The system should use processes taken from the real world, based on the apps that users are familiar with.
  3. User Control and freedom : The system should provide easy-to-access exits and an easy-to-see Home Button.
  4. Consistency and Standars : The System should have consistent content on different screens, persistent “Wording” on buttons and links.
  5. Error Preventions : Protection of users’ errors. Whether errors handled, or errors exists in submission forms.
  6. Recognition rather than Recall : Users should realize where they are without recalling the route they followed.
  7. Flexibility and Efficiency of Use : Make pages easy to bookmark. Avoid frames and freq changing URLs.
  8. Aesthetic and Minimalistic Design : Smooth edges, little use of upper-case letters. Smooth color grid, right-parted information.
  9. Help User Recognize, Diagnose and Recover from Errors : Provide Undo function, protect the user from errors on input, either on performing tasks.
  10. Documentation : Provide help documentation.
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